Wasp has always meant superior mobile service. We found initial success with SMS marketing at a time when text messaging was barely recognized by even the earliest of adopters. Since then, our expertise has expanded in step with the rapid growth of all digital media forms; and our client’s results have mirrored this progress.

From ground-up mobile app and website development, to engaging social and digital marketing strategies, Wasp is pleased to provide services that run the gamut – available in full packages or a la carte:


80% of consumers make purchases from their mobile devices. This mobile revolution has relegated conventional advertising techniques to background noise, barely noticeable above the LCD screen now permanently parked in front of your customer’s eyes. All of our solutions work in harmony to guarantee a superior user experience across any browser, smartphone, or tablet.


With the advent of smartphones and tablets, the checkout counter is now anywhere your customer happens to be. Wasp’s proprietary content management and eCommerce systems eliminate the need to crowd the process with a third party. Our design and management software is as robust as any other, while being easier to operate and maintain.

Internet Marketing

The internet is a World Wide Web, and your company’s online tactics are the sticky strands that capture your consumers. Consisting of SEO, PPC, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, and more, each strand is interconnected and supported by the next. This idea permeates everything we build and execute for your brand.


Much like an investment, high quality content can be made to work for you. Your online marketing budget has the potential to be recouped through the use of cutting-edge production, optimized media placement, and unique monetization strategies. We transform tradition through technology.

Proper implementation is necessary in every aspect of your online marketing strategy, from conceptualization, to initial launch and beyond. Your brand’s consumers aren’t limited to normal business hours anymore; they’re online right now. Are you?