Adwords Consultant

Pay Per Click

WASP has explicit knowledge of, and experience with, Google’s AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. The company’s familiarity with PPC advertising has earned WASP the recognition of being an AdWords consultant.  Utilizing this type of online advertising, through a PPC management company like WASP, can be beneficial for almost any type of business whether it is being used to attract buyers for your products, bring awareness to your business and brand, or appeal to new visitors to your website or local store.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

As with any form of advertising, internet marketing requires the allocation of proper funds to the proper channels, with the end result bringing more consumers’ eyes to your brand. When it comes to generating digital leads, the most well-known and popular method is using Pay Per Click advertising through a strong PPC campaign management team. This method of internet advertising through search engines involves the advertiser paying the search engine when their ad is clicked. The user is then direct to the advertiser’s website.

What are the Benefits of PPC Advertising?

  • Get Results Instantly: You will quickly know whether or not your PPC advertising is working. An optimized PPC campaign with the right PPC company can be developed quickly and can then appear on a search engine’s result page in mere moments. PPC advertising is the fastest way to increase the traffic to your website.
  • Reach Customers Near and Far: PPC advertising gives you the option to reach your customers on a large or small scale. Your ads can be targeted to reach customers globally, nationally or locally.
  • Target Specific Audiences: Implementing the Pay Per Click management services offered by WASP can also be beneficial because you can target your audience with more options than just their location. Find new customers by pinpointing your advertisements to target a certain demographic of people or a certain type of website.
  • Tracking Tools: Pay Per Click advertisements have the ability to be tracked so you know just how successful they are for your business. Not only can you see how many people are engaging with this type of digital advertising, but you can see how much business is actually being generated off of your PPC ads.
  • Cost Efficient: The cost of advertising with PPC ads is manageable for almost every sized business because you only pay if a potential customer clicks on your ad. This means that you won’t be paying for an advertising campaign that doesn’t work, and you may still even generate some business or awareness about your brand just by it appearing on a result page of a search engine without necessarily receiving any clicks.

How Does WASP Create a Successful PPC Campaign?

Should you already have pre-existing PPC campaigns, WASP will simply take over your campaign management duties. If you are in need of a new PPC campaign or PPC campaign management services, WASP will create an organized operation that focuses on finding and implementing the correct keywords and ad groups to drive traffic to your business.

We provide clients utilizing our PPC campaign management services with a dedicated account manager to supply regular performance reports, advise the application of your PPC budget, and collaborate with you in order to reach the specific demographics searching for your product or service. Maintaining an implemented Pay Per Click advertising strategy is one of the most important services we offer and we are a PPC management company that will continuously work to effectively manage your campaign.

We monitor Ad Groups and designated keywords on a regular basis, utilizing Google Analytics and AdWords Conversion Tracking software. This allows us to adjust bids on a day to day basis, staying up to date with trends and popular search terms in real time. Our PPC bid management services will provide you with dynamic and constant surveillance in order to reach intended results. Through careful analysis, we determine which keywords aren’t providing value, remove them, and better leverage top performers in order to increase ROI for your brand.