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Social Media Management

Gaining an advantage for your business through social media is possible and easy with a social media management company like WASP. Now, more than ever, is the right time to utilize the diverse platforms of social media to contribute to your business’s overall growth and future success.

For such a complicated medium, the internet’s draw is quite simple. We go online to find, educate, entertain, and share our experiences. This is what makes social media the most effective marketing avenue for ground-level consumer interaction. Social media by definition encourages participation and engagement – not only between your brand and customers, but with others in the online community as well. To really take advantage of the opportunity, social media management must become an integrated aspect of your entire digital communication strategy. WASP has been established as a social media marketing company equipped with the knowledge and ability necessary for your business to continue to prosper.

Reasons to Implement Social Media Strategies

Adding social media to your marketing strategy can be beneficial to your business for a variety of reasons. As social media’s popularity has grown, so has its influence. 67% of adult internet users are Liking on Facebook; 22% are networking via LinkedIn; 21% are pinning on Pinterest, and 18% are broadcasting on Twitter…and they’re talking about your brand. Studies have shown that posts made by business pages on Facebook impacted up to 78% of respondents’ purchase decisions.

Besides continued popularity for the usage of social media sites, these platforms have the benefit of building and maintaining relationships with your customers. Businesses that engage with their clients and customers have added success because people are getting a more personalized service through your social media websites and applications, and they are able to provide instant feedback. The relationships that are built- not only with clients but with anyone else using the platforms- can translate into added growth and a solid reputation for your business.

Not only does implementing social media expand on your previously built relationships, it also helps you build new relationships and expand your brand. The features of social media make it easy for you to find new customers and for new customers to find you. Being able to target a specific audience through various social media can also help you increase your customer-base and reach.

Lastly, implementing a business strategy that uses some form of social media is likely to generate more traffic for your website. Your activity on social media will direct more customers to your website and in turn can improve your search ranking.

Social Media Services Offered

We all know that a good first impression can lead to a life-long relationship. So get socializing! If public speaking isn’t your thing, WASP is a social media marketing company that is happy to do all the talking for you. Just sit back, and let our experienced and creative content writers work the room, dazzling your audience and gaining new friends and loyalty in the process. WASP employs a dedicated team of social strategists whose responsibilities are to determine the most popular or relevant platform, and engage with your customers in a meaningful way. Our goal isn’t just to build a relationship between your brand and its fans though; we work to establish one with you as well. We market your message across the most popular gathering spots, like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Foursquare

Increasing your social presence is done one friend at a time. Make a new one now, and contact WASP for your social media management.