Based in Miami, FL. Active Autowerke has been tuning BMW vehicles for over three decades. The company’s main focus has been the development of innovative aftermarket performance parts for a wide range of BMW models. Their vast product line stretches from air filters and exhaust systems to supercharger kits, software tunes, and more.

Increase In Site Sessions

Increase In Site Sessions

Visits increased 34% over the course of only 90 days

Increase In Organic Visits

Increase In Organic Visits

Organic visits increased 25% over the course of only 90 days

Increase In Social Referrals

Increase In Page Views

Social Referrals experienced a 433% increase compared to the previous 90-day period.

Increase In Web Traffic

Increase In Social Media

Web Traffic contributed to a 211% increase in gross website sales over the previous 90 days


For decades, Active Autowerke’s primary method for product sales had been telephone. They eventually invested in an e-commerce website, but the site was struggling to prove its value compared with inbound sales calls. Additionally, the company began fading from the spotlight as they failed to keep pace with the ever-increasing influence of social media. Over time Active Autowerke began to loose its perception as an industry leader in the BMW aftermarket performance arena. Active turned to WASP to assist in reinvigorating their brand identity in the digital space and make e-commerce sales their primary revenue generator.


WASP implemented a multi-phase digital campaign that would increase online sales and spread brand awareness in a quick, but responsible manner.

Phase 1:

Outreach: Active aimed to regain a social presence in the highly competitive automotive performance parts arena and remain the topic of discussion among consumers. WASP implemented campaigns across social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to grow social followings as well as drive additional traffic and online sales.

Optimization: In order to increase Active’s organic traffic and overall web presence, SEO efforts needed improvement. WASP’s extensive team of SEO professionals and content writers actively analyzed keywords, created various forms of content (i.e. – on-page articles and blog posts, syndicated articles, and social media blog posts), and optimized the site to elevate search rankings for various keywords.

Targeting: Driving immediate traffic and conversions required the implementation of a localized PPC campaign. As a certified Google Partner, WASP knew this was essential for prompt results of high performance keywords.

In only 90 days these efforts saw tremendous success. The total number of site sessions increased 34%. Organic visits saw a 25% increase as a result of increased keyword ranking, and social referrals experienced a 433% increase compared to the previous 90-day period.
The resulting increase in overall web traffic contributed to a 211% increase in gross website sales over the previous three months. With phase one implemented and working effectively, additional digital strategy enhancements were recommended.

Phase two will involve enhancing Active Autowerke’s conversion rate optimization, improve consumer communication process, and implementing an effective e-mail marketing campaign. In time WASP will bring Active Autowerke back to its previous status as a LEADER in BMW performance products in the eye of consumers and provide an unrivaled digital experience for its customers.