10 Questions We Already Know You Are Going to Ask About Our Digital Marketing Services


WASP has been offering custom digital marketing solutions across various industries since 2008, making us very familiar with the courting process of a digital vendor. In fact, we hear it so often we wanted to go beyond our digital expertise and tap into our telepathic capabilities. Here are a few of the questions we know you are wondering…


1. I’ve been burnt by other SEO and digital marketing companies who have overpromised and underdelivered results, what makes WASP different?

The process of evaluating various digital marketing agencies can become monotonous, hearing the same buzz words over and over again. While indeed the premise of the conversations may be similar from one agency to another, the degree of execution varies greatly. At WASP we differentiate ourselves from the onset. We intend on offering a solution rather than selling you a product.

Many agencies offer pre-determined packages and pricing of digital services without truly understanding the full scope of the problem or analyzing the existing assets the client has. Imagine for a moment we were an Exotic Auto Repair Shop and you called explaining your Ferrari was not operating properly, asking how much is it going to cost to fix? Would you be suspicious if I was able to give you a price on the repair without first looking under the hood?

At WASP we know that there is no one size fits all digital strategy for every business. We analyze the existing and future needs of every client, case by case, offering a custom solution that aims to reach or exceed the desired marketing objectives.

Further, WASP is considered a MarTech company (ok ok, another buzz word but, an important one). In an age where technology and marketing are so intertwined, technology plays such a vital role in properly solving and implementing today’s top digital marketing strategies. This allows us to handle all your digital marketing needs under one roof with a complete understanding of how each individual process is working with the others to execute a cohesive campaign with optimal results.


2. Will I be stuck in a long-term contract?

While we provide recommended campaign timelines in every proposal, Wasp offers our clients a month-to-month contract that can be terminated at any time with a 30 day cancellation notice. We simply do not believe that long-term contracts are in the best interest of our clients. We believe in proving the value of our work, rather than legal authority, is the key to attracting and keeping our customers. Our clients stay long term because we offer a level of service, experience, overall domain expertise and results many competitors lack.


3. Can you provide me with examples of the previous work and references that can attest to your experience and skill level?

Yes we supply readily available case studies found on our website, and we have reviews on Google, Facebook, GlassDoor and TopSEOs from our current and past customers who have first-hand experience working with our company. We are also able to furnish up-to-date references from clients relevant to your industry or other fields. Many of our clients are happy to share their experience at WASP with newcomers.


4. How much are your services going to cost?

As we said previously, WASP is a custom provider of digital solutions. While we will be able to give you a range of costs from the initial conversation, we will only be able to determine exact costs once we have analyzed all the details and requirements of the project. We also provide ROI consultation based on your industry and standard digital marketing metrics. We feel every digital marketing endeavor should result in a return and be looked at as an investment rather than a cost.


5. How long is it going to take for me to see results?

Digital marketing is a very dynamic process. The Strategies that will need to be employed will vary based on each industry and marketplace. WASP provides a multifaceted approach to digital marketing, understanding no one product or service will be the “silver bullet” solution for a client. Instead a blend of various digital marketing and technology services will need to be utilized to help each individual client achieve the desired result.

Some processes will provide immediate results like Pay Per Click, while others will take months of grooming before the investment begins to blossom. Social Media and SEO are long-term projects that are only for companies dedicated to claiming online dominance.

While exact timetables for results are not practical, WASP will provide “milestones” in our agreement that will be met at three, six, nine, and 12 month intervals. Should we not meet our stated milestones, we will work at no addition fee until we do so (luckily this is to make you feel comfortable, we usually don’t sweat it).


6. I just want LEADS not all this complicated digital stuff?

We agree! Every digital marketing campaign is designed with the intent on providing a sustainable environment to generate consistent quality leads. All the clicks, content, and Facebook posts in the world are useless unless it is increasing our clients’ bottom line.  Although we understand the intricacies necessary to build this lead generation platform for your business, we make it easy for you to simply follow our lead, letting us do all the heavy lifting.

We utilize every available measure of tracking in our clients’ campaigns including highly-specialized analytics tools, assist tracking, Multi- channel funnels, call tracking phone numbers, tracked web chats, followed up by weekly reports and client calls to review progress and leads. We also send monthly reports to summarize our results and keep you informed of the progress.


7. Will my digital marketing cost every go down?

Once we meet all the stated objectives in the initial campaign, and no new goals are requested, we may be able to move into a maintenance program in which some of the cost can be reevaluated to ensure we are simply maintaining the progress we have made. Additionally, if a client changes the initial scope of the projects or adds additional services, those costs will be reassessed as needed.


8. Would it be more effective to simply hire my own digital marketing team in house?

We often run into cases where companies have hired in house digital staff and still need assistance implementing or executing solid digital strategy.   We have the experience, manpower, and collective knowledge from a wide array of digital clients to tackle any digital marketing technology challenges. We also provide a level of service that will often make it seem as if we are hired as your in-house provider at lower operating cost.

We do however, love working with existing in-house teams to fill their void, compliment them and expedite the results with shared workloads.


9. How do you produce content that is relevant to my business and engaging to my new and existing customers without being an expert in MY industry?

In the beginning of the content-producing process, WASP’s team takes considerable time researching and understanding our clients industry, effectively becoming an extension of their businesses in the online space. This is a vital first step before we can begin to market and/or monetize content. Initially we will work closely with the client getting approval on the content for accuracy before collectively determining we are producing content that mirrors the client’s own philosophy and standards.

All of our content writers are hired in house and are vetted, marketing and communications professionals who enjoy the process of delivering exceptional content that resonates with the audience and search engines, producing results.


10. Can you guarantee results?

While no SEO or digital marketing company can definitively tell you when, where and how long it will take to get a specific keyword on the first page, WASP will guarantee performance-driven results over predetermined periods laid out during the initial stages of the project. We can provide metrics across various marketing channels, whether it be SEO, paid, social or content, by taking the baselines or starting points of each client and determining three, six, nine, and 12 month outlooks. If we don’t meet our objectives we will continue to work at no additional cost to the customer until our agreed upon goals are met.