Understanding Our Process

Multi-platform, Multi-screen, Multi-media
Since our inception, WASP’s success has been a product of our results-driven and client-centric process. Our methodology allows us to not only design and develop your smartphone app or website, but properly market it across all digital channels as efficiently as possible. These are the 6 unique steps that secure and sustain your digital success:

step 1


The foundation of a lasting relationship is a solid first impression. If you’re here, we’re guessing that we’ve already caught your attention. The same informative and professional attitude found on our site extends across everything we do. While your main point of contact will be a dedicated account manager, you’ll be able to take advantage of our entire team of technologists and marketers, all with a simple phone call.

step 2

Listen & Analyze

Our initial conversation with clients is always a learning experience. We like to refer to it as “mutual education;” the more we learn about your idea, business, and previous experiences, the better we can explain how we can help. Our research and analysis begins right away, providing a solid foundation on which to achieve your goals.

step 3


We next focus our vast creative energies on creating, tearing down, and re-creating a viable app, website, and marketing strategy. All potential circumstances and hurdles are explored on our way to determining the right direction. During this step, we constantly consult with you, providing updates and recommendations.

step 4

Strategize & Solve

Every business offers a solution to a problem. However, executing that million-dollar idea requires an effective strategy, as well as solutions to new problems that may appear. While every client is different, no campaign can afford to ignore how closely intertwined mobile, marketing, and media have become. The integration of these core tenets in everything we do is what sets us apart.

step 5


Once the winning formula has been devised we get moving…quickly! However, even the best laid plans require constant attention to detail. As we design, develop, and deploy our solution, we test and re-test, always building and improving. Before, during, and after launch, our team is monitoring performance, and relaying progress to you.

step 6


Although the final product will undoubtedly meet the lofty standards we’ve set, the online marketplace has no room for a “set it and forget it” attitude. WASP continuously analyzes and improves upon our work, all while providing detailed reports throughout the duration of the campaign. Success is measured through consistent growth, which is why our process never actually ends.