Blockbuster LLC was an American-based provider of home movie and video game rental services. Blockbuster originally operated throughout a national network of retail stores, before later adding DVD-by-mail, in-home streaming, and video-on-demand services, as well as cinema theaters.



Blockbuster had put a request for proposal up for bid to develop a pre-installed (ROM) Windows Mobile on Demand application, to coincide with the launch of T-Mobile’s HTC HD2 smartphone. The app would allow users to rent and/or buy movies digitally, and download them onto their new device. The requirements included an aggressive time line for launch, as well as certifications across the HTC, T-Mobile and Blockbuster supervising teams.


WASP was awarded the chief engineering position for the project, making us responsible for global coordination & development. WASP was tasked with developing the app according to the provided UI specs, ensuring it would integrate with Sonic API and web services.

Features included, in addition to allowing users to download and view videos on their HTC HD2, digital locker and queue management, the ability to check availability of movies, buy and rent said movies, and find store locations.
With WASP’s guidance, Blockbuster launched their app on schedule, and attained more than 400,000 downloads over the course of six months.