Broward County Public Schools is the sixth largest public school system in the United States, and the second largest in the state of Florida. BCPS services over 260,000 students and 229 schools around the area.


BCPS is a large school district, with a wealth of information and content available for students. However, students had no access to this content away from their computers, which posed a problem. Facing the realities of an increasingly mobile world, BCPS contracted WASP to provide a solution that would allow access to various information through smartphones.


WASP developed native mobile applications for both Android & iOS devices, which allowed students on-the-go access to pertinent information such as course schedules, administrative contact information, important phone numbers, and more. WASP provided these apps for three different Broward County schools, consisting of Broward Technical Centers, Broward Community Schools, Whiddon Rogers and HACC/OCLC. In addition to the mobile apps, WASP built the content management system necessary to serve the data across the apps.