British American Tobacco (BAT) is the world’s most multinational tobacco group and the second largest tobacco company with over $25Billion in revenue. With brands found in over 200 markets, BAT has a market leading position in over 170 countries. Its four largest selling brands are Dunhill, Lucky Strike, Kent and Pall Mall.


BAT’s global presence in emerging markets around the world fuel the need to enhance their digital presence and strategy. Not only is BAT’s product line evolving with the times, so is its engagement with its consumers. A unique digital experience that can be transferable to its many brands and relatable to its highly diverse, multi national consumer base has become undeniable as emerging markets across the world rapidly adopt digital connectivity.  


WASP conceived, strategized, and developed a turn-key digital marketing platform built from the ground up based around users being able to share experiences, express their creativity, and engage with community.  Users are able express their personality through the “Design Studio”, putting their individual touch on a virtual pack of cigarettes and submitting their designs to the boards.  Fans can then vote on their favorite designs, allowing the top design to be brought to life on on a limited run of packages. The marketing platform has since become a jumping off project for additional digital engagement assets commissioned by BAT’s family of brands.  BAT continues to work with WASP (no puns intended) to connect with its users in a meaningful way in the virtual space… Stay tuned, more exciting projects to come later this year.